Camping Flexibility Made Easy With Rooftop Tents

Natasha Wilkie Camping Tips

Traversing the outback is never easier or more convenient with the compactness and flexibility of rooftop tents. Attached to your vehicle’s roof rack, our quality rooftop tents are easily deployed in just about any location you can think of taking your 4WD.

Here at Camperact, we offer high quality Backtrax Sports Utility and BRS rooftop tents, both Australian companies build for Australian conditions and designed with cutting edge technology and comfort in mind.

Why should I choose a rooftop tent? 

We understand that not everyone’s lifestyle and living spaces can make use of trailer-based camping arrangements, so rooftop tents provide a great way of being able to experience the outback without having to provide the space a trailer-based trailer camper requires.

Speaking of saving space, and how hard it can be fitting everything into your four-wheel drive, did you know that our rooftop tents come packed with a mattress and bedding too? This fact alone has the potential to vastly improve your camping experience – think about the possibilities – that tent, bed and mattress compacted onto your roof instead of in the vehicle could mean an extra person to travel with, or another weeks’ worth of food and clothing! 

Rooftop tents also provide a comfortable sleeping option as the ground you’d normally pitch a tent can often be rocky or uneven. They also give you protection from crocodiles and other nasties, giving you greater peace of mind at night, while also providing the added security of being close to your vehicle to deter break-ins.

Hard Shell vs Soft Shell

Rooftop tents come in a hard or soft shell. So what’s the difference? Well, soft shell tents are more like regular tents – usually made out of canvas – meaning cost effective and lighter, while hard shells on the other hand offer more protection because they are more durable – due to being made out of materials like fibreglass or aluminium – yet carry more weight. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so why not speak to an expert so you can tailor the right product for you and your vehicle.

Why us?

If it’s experience you’re after, we’ve got it. Did you know our CEO Peter Fenwick was the former President of the Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council? As a leader of the nationwide camping community, Peter has extensive knowledge across industry boundaries that relate to exploration and recreation in our great country.

To help make Camperact maintain itself as the go-to for vehicular camping accessories, Peter surrounds himself with a team of like-minded, skilled team players to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, supply, distribution and service.

For more information on how you can join thousands of Australians in exploring our vast land Down Under using your very own customisable rooftop tent, please visit our showroom  here, or contact us at, or on (02) 4624 9911.