Australian made for Australian Conditions

Cyclists across Australia have always chosen GripSport bike racks for three simple reasons… ease of use, super quick load & unload times and a lifetime warranty. The GS Series racks have all that and more, with a range of new features that make them the best bike racks ever.

Gripsport Bike Racks are put to the test

A lifetime warranty means just that - a lifetime.

Gripsport puts every bike rack to the test to make sure you are receiving the absolute best quality available. Take a look at the test bed demo above to see just how tough Gripsport Bike Racks really are.

Caravan & Camper Bike Racks

Car, 4WD & SUV Bike Racks

Bolt-On Mounts come with either a "tall", "short" or "quick-release" vertical post (specify when ordering) to suit whatever is on the "A" frame (toolboxes, spare wheels etc).

All posts are height adjustable per the drawing below.


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