At Camperact we are extremely proud to represent Track Trailer and their reputation for excellent and extremely capable off-road campers. We have actively supported thousands of loyal Track customers who have travelled millions of kilometres around Australia. Our customers help us grow, and support Track Trailer to improve and form the very basis of their off-road products.

We are for you; the bushwalker, kayaker, fisherman, photographer, mountain biker, explorer and adventurer.

We want you to see new sights, watch sunsets, meet new people and be with the people you love most. Wherever that may be and in the comfort and secure knowledge that you are supported.


Track’s new T4 Collection of Off-Road RVs offers you, your partner and family another opportunity to have the camping lifestyle you choose. The T4 Collection has 3 distinct models which you can customise.

The Concerto is for families and features external cooking and the addition of bunks suitable for adolescents.

The Symphony is designed to be extremely flexible and can cater for 2 or a family of up to 6 depending on options selected.

The Rhapsody is a luxury option for couples and features an internal ensuite and kitchen.

Once you have chosen a model you can customise it to suit your particular requirements by adding more internal storage modules, additional benchtops, different cooking setups, changing bed orientation.

Outside the T4 you can increase your living space for longer stays with a vast array of awning options and attachable rooms.

Cooking outside has never been easier as the T4 now features the beautifully finished Tvan Premium Kitchen and external drawer fridge. External storage is extremely flexible and can easily fit a Weber® BabyQ® along with all your campfire cooking equipment.



Track has drawn inspiration from the creative musical processes of composition and performance to not only name the individual caravans in the TRACK T4 Collection, but also in anticipation for your input to the process.

We all understand that a composer’s greatest works will often gain richness, colour and emotion as they are interpreted by a conductor and musicians. You and your family are the conductor/musicians and your interpretation and customisation of the TRACK T4 Collection will not only deliver your needs, but will also make it even more individual and engaging.

Track has anticipated your desire to create a special space for you and your family and so has created its most flexible range of options ever, so that the opportunities for individual interpretation are broad and many, right across the T4 Collection.

Let’s start with which T4 is right for you.



The T4 Collection is unique and exclusive like every Track design before it.

We pitch form and function against each other to ensure we build an intuitive and comfortable living space that complements your lifestyle and enables you to explore more easily in safety and comfort.

The process of designing and manufacturing our own chassis and suspension, walls, doors, windows and cabinetry (i.e. not using off the shelf parts) gives the T4 a strong and cohesive style with fit for purpose components, which we warrant for off-road use.

Our use of compression locks, thick automotive rubber seals and custom designed components also improves dust sealing over conventional parts.

Innovative features; such as central locking (activated via Redvision®) of the drawer cabinets and the slide out table ensure the cabin is found just as you left it even after a full day off-roading.

The newly refined MC2-R™ Asymmetric Link Chassis and Suspension delivers unparalleled performance over corrugations and the chassis protects the body in washouts and ruts.




Redvision® has been used to give you easy and intuitive access to all the major appliance and onboard systems. Using your mobile phone (via Bluetooth app) you can; raise the roof, extend the awning, switch inside and outside lights, view energy charge / consumption, check water capacity, turn on the inverter and easily deactivate the fridge(s) for storage, lock all travel locks remotely, activate on board water pump and so much more.

The revolutionary new electrical system accepts and regulates charge from solar, the tow vehicle and an external 240V source. All circuits have fuses and there is a master power switch for storage.

Battery types and numbers (max 3) can be changed and upgraded, without the need to change any charging components. This includes upgrading to lithium.

Rooftop solar can also be expanded to an exceptional
480W (4x 120W) and there is still capacity to utilise
an external solar panel.

New innovations in LED technology have allowed
Track to integrate very low consumption light panels
within the roof, which are dimmable and can provide
diffused light. Other internal LED lights have
been installed behind the overhead cupboards along
with the zero gravity blinds to create a sophisticated
interior while keeping lights out of your eyeline.



INSIDE: The internal kitchen features a large upright fridge, stainless steel sink and a 4-burner cooktop with grill. This can be changed to a diesel cooktop. Drawer storage is also provided under the vast benchtop.

OUTSIDE: The Premium Kitchen boasts a 3 burner (2×1.5KW, 1×2.5KW) glass topped stainless steel cooktop with piezo ignition and matching stainless steel sink with flick mixer tap, draining board and cutlery drawer.
The kitchen features a single handed operation to lock in and out on Track Trailer’s own design ball bearing runners, while the integrated windshields are deployed by simply raising them into position



INSIDE: The Rhapsody features an internal ensuite with solid walls and raised shower base that is fully sealed and directs the runoff to an onboard grey water tank. Unlike most internal ensuites when the poptop is up solid sliding panels deliver privacy up to the ceiling, whilst providing an elevated position for the shower rose.

The internal toilet is a cassette type which is externally accessible to simplify the black water storage and emptying process .

On the Symphony and Concerto this space is replaced with more kitchen area or bunk beds respectively.

OUTSIDE: The rear shower POD has been developed from the Topaz and has been improved with better and faster access. The shower rose is now on a flick-mixer style tap and there is more storage for your shower related gear. There are also a built-in roof mounted LED light, towel and toilet paper holder.


MC2-R Suspension®

All Track Trailers are built on our compact and strong hot dipped galvanised chassis.

Our Asymmetric Link independent suspension is unique. It maintains wheel contact with the ground, even over severe corrugations or deep washouts, thanks in part to the tough cross link that manages bump steer.

230mm of wheel travel is achieved through custom springs and shockers, which when coupled with the front trailing arms ensure the van tracks straight behind the tow vehicle, even over the toughest terrain.

The MC2-R Suspension® takes its name from the Australian Military specification.

‘Mobility Category 2’ is the highest performance rating for an unpowered vehicle. This remains unmatched by any other domestic trailer suspension system and delivers a significantly softer and flatter ride all round.

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The aerodynamics and weight of the T4 have been developed to reduce drag while towing and to minimise the impact on the environment.

The introduction of the toilet and grey water tank help you ensure that you only leave footprints behind.

Track is also doing its bit with our manufacturing facility running power neutral with solar and by collecting and reusing packaging from suppliers. The water we use to “deluge test” each individual van is collected from our roof and stored in tanks.