The Traymate is a versatile secure Tradesman’s Canopy offering secure tool storage on work sites without needing the camping gear unloaded. It comes in three levels of fit-out detailed below. This also means you can use the camping gear to store lunches, cool drinks or boil the billy at smoko on the worksite. Trayon is Australian made and owned with over 26 years experience in building for Australian conditions. Trayon has earned an enviable reputation for reliability and durability with its 10 year structural warranty. (the best offered in Australia); even early Trayons are still in use today.


For Camping

A proven camping platform with a kitchen and sleeping options for a family of 5. And plenty of storage and shelter. So much packed into multipurpose light weight aluminium canopy system.

For Work

A rugged, lockable storage space for tools and equipment. Fit out the aluminium canopy shell the way you want.


The Traymate has three base platforms to choose from.

Traymate Empty Shell

Traymate Empty Canopy Shell

This option is for just the empty shell at 1800x1800mm tray size and a headboard clearance of 1015mm high.

Made from powder coated aluminum with an internal aluminum frame and a stand-up foundation where the legs (and optional drawers) can slot into.

The Traymate shell comes with its own legs to be able to free-stand the camper and they attach to the outside of the camper for storage/transit; unlike other campers/canopies that have to store the legs in the valuable internal storage bay. There are also stabilizer bars included for keeping the camper steady when it’s free-standing on its legs.

It comes with two lockable canopy style doors, one on the passenger side and one on the driver side. The seals and doors are built in such a way as to be long lasting and dust proof.

This option is great if you already have your own Roof-Top-Tent (RTT) and internal gear like batteries, fridges, water tanks etc.

Traymate Empty Shell

Traymate Base 1

The Base 1 option is with the Traymate Empty Shell and the Traymate Roof-Top-Tent (RTT). 

This RTT is not your run of the mill RTT; it’s a huge tent structure that also forms its own awning on the passenger side when it is opened. 

The entire tent is 1800mm wide so it can be easily unzipped right around the base from standing height on the ground, no need for ladders to get up on top to open this tent. 

Made from Australian Bradmill canvas, it is hard wearing and long lasting.  It has a comfy queen bed mattress that does not fold in half for pack-up like other RTT brands do, you can leave your bed made so that when you open it again – it’s ready to go. 

The opening procedure is quick and easy, taking only 3mins to erect for camping and when it’s in the open position it has a covered entrance and a rain covered window to allow for cross draft ventilation even in full blown rain. 

Traymate Empty Shell

Traymate Base 2

The Base 2 camper is the most popular model and has the Traymate Empty Shell, the Traymate Roof Top Tent and an internal fit-out that gives you:

Integrated electrical system with built in management systems and a 1000W inverter, this system manages all your power in and power out for your 12V needs and it has a touch screen display that gives you a state-of-charge readout. 

The system takes charge for the battery from a grey 50amp Anderson plug (front passenger side) for vehicle charge, a red 50amp Anderson plug for solar panel plug in (solar panels not included) and it can also charge from a 240V plugin.

Traymate complete

Traymate Complete

The Traymate complete is everything listed in the Base 2 option but with all the optional extras as well. These include:

  • Traymate Mattress cover to protect your bedding from the potential of a wet fold-up
  • Traymate Annex walls – A complete close in room for the underside of the RTT’s awning with a soft floor, flyscreen doors and windows as well as a cross-draft vent
  • Traymate Kids-room (Sleepout) that attaches to the Traymate Annex, great for making an extra room
  • 2m Wrap around – 270 awning for the driverside
  • 2 x Trayon Dual-cab Drawers for lockable underbody storage of things like hammers, pegs, poles, ropes, axe, shovel, tools and whatever else you don’t want inside your storage area
  • Trayon Outhouse Double attached to the back wall for a quick and effortless setup change room and shower/toilet enclosure
  • Trayon external kitchen bench that stores under the camper (where the underbody drawers store) and attaches to the passenger side to give you a pop-up sink, more bench space and cutlery storage.



  • No annual vehicle/trailer registration costs
  • No regular vehicle servicing costs based on distance
  • Light weight (400kg)
  • Low space occupation when in storage
  • 10 years Structural Warranty
  • 100% Australian Made
  • Camper ready for short term or long term trips
  • Easy and quick to open and close (3min)
  • Fast and effortless to detach from vehicle (8min)
  • You can camp in a Trayon when it is free standing off the vehicle
  • Ample storage
  • Long lasting (Trayon has been making slide-on campers for 23 years)
    Trayon Adventure Club for all Trayon owners (online forum)

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Australian made and owned with over 26 years experience in building for Australian conditions.