Supporting Aussie Made Campers

Support Aussie made campers

Peter Fenwick Link, News

At Camperact we strongly support Australian made campers and camping gear. While we may not have the capacity or population to produce everything we need in Australia, what we do make has a reputation for being top-quality. When you buy Australian Made your dollar goes a long way to supporting the Australian lifestyle, your gear performs and sustains many years of rigour, plus you’re also injecting life directly into our economy. You’ll also be helping to reduce our collective carbon footprint to help sustain our beautiful country so we can continue to enjoy camping in the Aussie outback long into the future.

At Camperact we only support Australian made campers and we want to make it easy for you to understand what Australian made campers are available by showcasing those products all right here on our website and in our Narellan showroom, all in one spot!

Talk to the team at Camperact and we’d be happy to answer your questions you may have about camper trailers in Australia.

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