Rack Light Assembly


This LED light and number plate assembly is without doubt the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti of rack-lights all rolled into one, so if you’re after “cheap”, unfortunately you’ll have to look elsewhere. But if you want “brilliant”… then you’re in the right place.


Originally designed as part of our ‘Adventure’ series, this light assembly is included as standard with every ‘+’ model in the GripSport range.

It is also available as a stand-alone accessory to retro-fit onto

  • ALL current, non ‘+’ GripSport models
  • ALL older (pre ‘GS’) GripSport models
  • NON GripSport racks

PLEASE NOTE 1 – Rack-Light assemblies for GripSport racks are supplied with mounting hardware to suit the specific rack it’s ordered for. i.e current model GS2, GS4, GSE, GSAccess and GSTrike, or our older model Tilty, Non-Tilty, Up & Out, D/H and 2+2 etc. Specify which GripSport rack it’s going on when ordering, or get in touch if you’re unsure.

PLEASE NOTE 2 – Rack-Light assemblies for NON-GripSport racks are supplied with NO mounting hardware at all… just a flat back as shown here.