Quick Grip Hitch – Standard


For “Hi-Ride” and “Lo-Ride” models (both “Tilty” and “Fixie”).

Also suits the much older “Downhill” and “Classic” models.


Key Features

  • Fits standard 75mm wide tow bar tongues ONLY.
  • Fixes to tongue using your own tow ball.
  • Built-in anti-rattle bolt.
  • Allows carrier to be padlocked to vehicle/tow bar (padlock not included).
  • Heavy duty & zinc plated for extra protection.
  • Comes complete (as shown) with Q/R pin and “R” clip (padlock is not included).
  • 2 tow ball positions for adjustabilty (fore & aft) on tow bar tongue.

Towing info

  • While it may be possible in some cases (depending on the clearance around your trailer coupling), this system is not designed to allow trailers to be towed while the “hitch” is still attached to the tow bar.