The ultimate bike rack for 3-wheelers such as ‘Sit-Up Trikes’, ‘Recumbents’ and ‘Handcycles’.

Our new GS-Trike uses the same construction and tow bar mounting methods as our GS2 & GS2+ racks, which means it does everything people expect when they hear the phrase “World’s Best Bike Rack”. We’re talking about features such as…

  • Adjustable ride height to suit ‘urban’ or ‘adventure’ driving
  • Super easy tilt function for quick access into the rear of vehicles
  • Remarkably quick & simple to load and unload
  • Fully integrated light & number plate bar

Most importantly, it means that people can now take their ‘trikes’ anywhere they want… just like the owners of 2-wheel bikes have always been able to.

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GripSport Bike Racks… 100% Australian, 100% brilliant & guaranteed for life.

GS Trike - Size

Hitch/Towbar Options

Rack Light Plug



Key Features:

  • Includes fully integrated lights & number plate holder.
  • Fits to vehicle tow bars. Either a std 75mm wide tongue OR a 50mm square hitch receiver (depending on the “Hitch/Towbar” option you choose when ordering). CLICK HERE to see.
  • Fit or remove entire rack from tow bar in seconds. CLICK HERE to see the video.
  • Fingertip-light tilt function for easy and instant access to car boots, hatchbacks, SUVs and 4WD vehicles. CLICK HERE to see
  • Trike does not touch the ground when rack is tilted.
  • Set carrier height high or low to suit off-road or urban driving. CLICK HERE to see.
  • Suits all trikes, from carbon fibre road rockets thru to heavy E-bikes. CLICK HERE to see.
  • Fits tyres up to 3″ wide.
  • Carries one ‘trike’ weighing up to 50kg.
  • Super strong steel construction for long term durability.
  • All steel, zinc plated and powder coated finish.
  • 100% Australian designed, owned & made.
  • Guaranteed structurally for life.
  • Weighs 22kg (carrier and Quick-Release Hitch).
  • How to assemble and setup your GripSport rack. CLICK HERE to see.

CLICK HERE to see our racks fitted to lots of different vehicles.

Towing info
– You can not tow a trailer while the actual bike rack is fitted to your vehicle, but the “tongue” hitch should allow you to tow a trailer while that is still fitted to your tow bar tongue. However, we can’t know about every possible trailer coupling setup and your ability to tow (while the hitch is still on your tongue), depends entirely on the clearance between your trailer coupling and our hitch once the trailer is sitting on the tow ball. Therefore we recommend you check that clearance before taking off with a trailer hooked up.