DIY Trailer Rack (2-Bike)


Got a trailer? Want to turn it into a bike trailer? Better yet, do you want to turn it into a GripSport bike trailer? Well now you can.

This is the exact same carrier ‘system’ as our “Van-Rack” and “Adventure” series bike racks, only this one is designed to mount on trailers. It’s for people who live so far away that it’s just not economical to have a complete trailer shipped to them… or for those folk who already have a trailer and just want the carrier system to go on it… or for the die-hard DIYers out there who just like to do everything themselves. And it’s all so easy.

STEP 1… decide how many bikes you want to transport and then you buy yourself the right number of Trailer Racks to suit (each rack holds 2 bikes). All very easy so far, right?

STEP 2… you need a trailer. You can buy one or get one made somewhere local to you. No travel and no shipping a bloody big trailer. Not sure how we could make this any easier.

STEP 3… CLICK HERE to download the fitting guide and have the simple mounting frame made at any welding/engineering/fabricating or “trailer” business in your own area.

STEP 4… load bikes. Go riding. You’re welcome.

CLICK HERE to see a video of our racks being tested and then scroll down to –

  • see all the features of this rack
  • view our warranty
  • read reviews

GripSport Bike Racks… 100% Australian, 100% brilliant & guaranteed for life.



Key Features

  • Bikes load or unload in seconds. CLICK HERE for video. Each Trailer Rack carries 2 bikes up to 30kg each.
  • Up to 8 bikes can be carried on a standard 6×4 box trailer.
  • Fits all bikes. CLICK HERE to see.
  • Perfect for big electric bikes.
  • Safe for carbon fibre and lightweight alloy bikes.
  • Bikes are held completely secure.
  • Fully adjustable… to position bikes perfectly without any clashing. NOTE – As standard, Trailer Racks are supplied with our normal “Set & Forget” wheel holder option (CLICK HERE to see), but can be supplied with our “All-Hoop” and/or “Fat-Bike” setups if preferred. Please contact our team if you’re wanting a non-standard or combination of setups.
  • All steel, zinc plated and powder coated finish.
  • Entire carrier system bolts on/off when you just need a “normal” trailer.
  • The quickest, simplest, most adjustable and most secure bike holding system of any carrier in the world.
  • 100% Australian designed & made.
  • Guaranteed structurally for life.
  • Delivery anywhere in Australia.
  • Weighs 14kg.
  • How to assemble and setup your GripSport rack. CLICK HERE to see.