Bike Carrier Mount – Tow Ball


This mount is not for use with any GripSport bike rack, but if you’re determined to fit another brand of carrier, then this could be the simplest way ever to do it. Perfect for fitting your own lightweight “tow ball mounted” bike rack to a van, trailer or to any other DIY project.


  • Static load rating = 150kg
  • Moving load rating = 80kg
  • Not for ‘offroad’ use.
  • Must NOT be used for towing or recovery.
  • Perfect for DIY projects.
  • Lets you fit your own bike rack to your van or trailer.
  • Engineered to the highest standards – all steel, heavy-duty and zinc plated for superior rust protection.
  • Fits to 50mm x 75mm RHS (rectangular box section steel) such as a caravan’s rear bumper.
  • Provides a fixing point for tow ball mounted bike racks. Tow ball is not included.
  • Can NOT be used to mount GripSport “Van-Racks”. CLICK HERE to see the mounting system for the “Van-Racks”.

IMPORTANT – We absolutely guarantee our own products, but we can NOT guarantee what they get bolted to (such as your van’s rear bumper) or the bike rack you choose to use on our product.