3-Bike Van-Rack

From: $2,154.00

The world’s best bike carrier system and Australia’s “Industry Standard” when it comes to fitting bike racks on caravans & camper-trailers. Scroll down to –

    choose between Non-Tilting and Tilting (“tilting” allows for instant access to toolboxes, gas bottles, front boots & windows etc)
    pick your setup
    see all the features of this rack
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GripSport Bike Racks… 100% Australian, 100% brilliant & guaranteed for life.

Main Rack

Wheel Holders

Bolt-on Mounts

Towbar Adapters (for Van-Rack)

With a Towbar Adapter for your GripSport Van-Rack you’re not restricted to only starting your bike ride from wherever your camp happens to be set up. Now you can leave your van at your camp site, swap your bikes over onto your car and be off to start your ride wherever your fancy takes you.



Key Features:

  • Fits to Caravan “A” frame using our optional Bolt-On Mount or a fabricated mounting frame. CLICK HERE to see the fitting guide.
  • Bikes load or unload in seconds. CLICK HERE for video.
  • Tilts bikes out of the way for instant access to front boots, toolboxes, gas bottles etc. CLICK HERE for video.
  • Carries 3 bikes up to 30kg each.
  • Fits all bikes. CLICK HERE to see.
  • Perfect for big electric bikes.
  • Safe for carbon fibre and lightweight alloy bikes.
  • Bikes are held completely secure.
  • Fully adjustable… to position bikes perfectly.
  • Can be swapped to a vehicle tow bar quickly and simply. CLICK HERE to see how.
  • All steel, zinc plated and powder coated finish.
  • The quickest, simplest, most adjustable and most secure bike holding system of any carrier in the world.
  • Set & Forget bike positioning. CLICK HERE to see
  • 100% Australian designed & made.
  • Guaranteed structurally for life.
  • Delivery anywhere in Australia.
  • Weighs 29kg (carrier only – does not incl mount to “A” frame).
  • How to assemble and setup your GripSport rack. CLICK HERE to see.
  • There’s an “Add-On-Kit” available for this rack to increase it’s carrying capacity to 4-bikes. CLICK HERE to see.

HANG ON! – Can you actually fit three bikes on your “A” frame? Please refer to the Fitting Guide (CLICK HERE) to see just where bikes will need to sit on your “A” frame.

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