Game Changing Hybrid Camper Trailers

Looking for an off-road experience with the luxuries of a caravan? Then you might want to consider a hybrid camper trailer and set off into the sunset in style.

Hybrid campers are tow vehicles that give you a versatile mix of the comforts of a caravan combined with the agility of a camper trailer so you can reach areas that cumbersome caravans cannot. They have a narrow body (making them easy to navigate down bush tracks) and are more secure and durable than other types of camper trailers.

BRS Offroad is an Aussie company specialising in building a new and exciting hybrid campers with features no other manufacturer can even come close to. Features like a one piece fibreglass composite top that has 25 mm insulation and no joins between wall to roof. Their units are strong, dust proof, water proof, wind proof, hail proof & designed for you to get out amongst it! "Adventure Awaits"

The future of camping

Here at Camperact, we proudly offer BRS Offroad’s range of Australian made hybrid campers, designed with a one-piece fiberglass composite top with thick insulation and no joins between roof and wall, these units are strong enough to defend against the harshest of weathers; as they are dust proof, water proof, windproof and hail proof.  

The body, chassis and suspension characteristics are no joke either. Made with market leading design capabilities and materials, the BRS Offroad hybrid range is built to go off grid, and born to go off road.

BRS Offroad’s two hybrid models – The Sherpa, and Pursuit, have quickly become one of the most popular ways to traverse intermittent roads and reach beautiful yet remote locations.






BRS SHERPA 2019 Camper Trailer of the Year 

The popular BRS Sherpa teardrop camper trailer really is a game-changer in the world of offroad camping. Comprised of marine-grade  alloy and composite fibreglass skin and modern aircraft-style design work, the Sherpa brings the type of modernity to those hard to reach areas so you can bunk in for days on end without having to trek back to civilisation.

The BRS Sherpa boasts a main heated sleeping cabin and easily deployed rooftop tent for the kids, with a drop-down heated shower, two-burner cooktop, two 30-litre fridge draws and a pop down sink. And, did we mention the optional 21 inch TV connected to a 4G antenna booster that lets you stay connected in remote areas?


An incredible piece of Australian manufacturing, the BRS Offroad Pursuit hybrid camper boasts a full kitchen-on-the-go; comprised of a four-burner cooktop and grill combo, two 30-litre fridge drawers, a kitchen sink and Australian hardwood timber benchtop that won’t make you miss home anytime soon. Not to mention it also includes external cooking options.

It also comes with a slide out enclosed hot shower, queen-sized mattress and ample storage and power outlets – not to mention ducted air-conditioning and heating. Like the BRS Sherpa, the BRS Pursuit also comes with a 21 inch TV coupled with 4G connectivity.

 With 300W monocrystal solar panels, an Enerdrive lithium battery system and all the water you’ll need – the BRS Offroad Pursuit gives you the confidence to be able to stay put and enjoy your surroundings for days on end.

So why choose Camperact?

If you’re after the best Australian made hybrid campers on the market, you’ve come to the right place. With more than 20 years’ experience tailoring the right camping equipment for our customers needs, Camperact’s end-to-end sales, service and repair offerings have become second to none. 

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