Supporting Aussie Made Campers

Support Aussie made campers

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At Camperact we strongly support Australian made campers and camping gear. While we may not have the capacity or population to produce everything we need in Australia, what we do make has a reputation for being top-quality. When you buy Australian Made your dollar goes a long way to supporting …

Introducing the Stockman ute camper

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Introducing the newest addition to the camping range available at Camperact – The Stockman ute camper. A great camper that allows you to go to those unique camping spots where towing is just not an option.

big red bash aerial

Big Red Bash 2020

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With heavy hearts the decision to cancel the 2020 Big Red Bash was made by the event organisers. Whilst this is obviously very disappointing for those who were looking forward to this year’s Bash including us here at Camperact, it’s very important that everyone stays home and safe during this …

Sherpa Camper Trailer

2019 Camper Trailer of the Year – BRS Offroad Sherpa

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Congratulations to BRS Offroad for the BRS Sherpa Off Road Camper Trailer winning the REDARC Camper Trailer of the Year 2019!! The BRS Sherpa took the judging panel by storm. The tough, popping aesthetics of the exterior engaged their curiosity, and the componentry and interior built upon their original excitement. …

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